Microsoft Office 365

High-Tech Solutions are Microsoft Office 365 Resellers and Silver Cloud Partners. We specialise in migrations for companies of all sizes. Moving your domain to cloud excha​nge has many benefits including stability, accessibility and cost efficiency.

Office 365 enables you to access your emails, Office web apps, calendars, instant messenger, conference calls and to share files anywhere in the world securely on your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. They will all sync seamlessly with each other and sharing files, calendars, contacts with your colleagues w​ill be at your fingertips.

SharePoint Services

Office 365 comes with the SharePoint platform built in for free. However, few companies take advantage of all the fantastic capabilities it offers.

We can create internal team sites for full file sharing with folder specific permissions, file versioning and document workflows. These are just some of the features we can design and customise to your company’s needs.

Once set-up you can share files with colleagues anywhere in the world and can create, store and edit Microsoft Office documents online. All of these can be accessed securely via almost any mobile device.

We can also tailor your internal site with custom workflows using out-of-the-box functionality or if necessary custom development to deliver exactly what your company needs.