Home IT Services

Home Network & Connectivity  

In Singapore many people experience poor Wi-fi connectivity throughout their homes. This is due to the thick concrete walls. HTS can ensure that your devices always have a strong connection. In addition we specialise in many online cloud solutions to keep your photos, data and emails backed up and synced at all times.

Expat TV & Home Entertainment    

High-Tech Solutions provide tailor-made TV solutions to enable you to receive your favourite TV shows from your home country on all devices including your TV. Our partner company provides this excellent online expat TV service. Contact us for further information.

Apple, iCloud, Mac & PC Repair Services  

Setting up and syncing all of your Apple devices and using iCloud is not as easy as it first may seem. We can help set everything up easily and show you how to get the most out of your devices. Whether you have duplicate contacts, messages, calendar entries, photos in you​r iphoto library or are just at a loss as to what and why things are getting out of control, we can help.

If your PC or Mac is less than 3 years old and you don’t have warranty then often it can be cost effective to be repaired. We will diagnose the problem free of charge and advise whether it is worth repairing. We can carry out PC or Mac repair at a competitive price and backup and restore your files. Peace of mind that any precious family pictures, videos or files will not be lost. We will also advise the best backup methods for you going forwards to remove risk of loss in the future.

Data Recovery Services    

​​We always recommend that you have at least one regular backup of all your important priceless data, especially your photos. Data recove​ry is the last resort as we will always advise and help to make sure you have everything of importance backed up locally and ideally to the cloud also. If however you don’t have everything backed up we can help recover your data from logically or physically broken hard drives.​

Media Conversion   

​​​If you have old movies taken on older camcorders, cameras or video recorders we can convert them all to the latest digital media formats and migrate into your photos app or any other media applications of your choice.​​